Journal of Afro-Asian Studies

Journal of Afro-Asian Studies

 A Periodical International Journal published by the #Democratic_Arabic_Center  Germany – Berlin. The journal deals with the field of Afro-Asian strategic, political and economic studies

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ISSN  2628-6475

Journal of Afro-Asian Studies


Editor- in- Chief

Dr. Latreche Ali – Lecturer at the University of Abou Bekr Belkaid Tlemcen – Algeria

  • Assistant Editor :  Dr. Islam Ibrahim Aiadi – Arab American University – Lebanon
  • Deputy Chief Editor of the French language :  Dr.  Abd Rezak Mohamed Abdou – Germany
  • Deputy Chief Editor for English : Dr. Abdel Aziz Mohamed Hamed – Khartoum University – Sudan
  • Editorial director :  Dr. El Hacen Moulaye Ahmed –  The University of Nouakchott – Mauritania
  • Editorial Directror : Karim AICHE – Mohammed V University – Morocco

Editorial Board

  • Ahmed Elgadri, Leeds University, Britain
  • Abbas Murad Dohan, Al Imam Al-Kadhim University, Iraq
  • Soulaymen Mohamed Hamed, Ajdabya University, Libya
  • Hassan Ahmed Abd El Lah Ali, Sohag University, Egypt
  • Marwa Al-Saadie, Damascus University, Syria

Scientific Committee

  • Ali Ahmed Zain Alsagaf, Jaipur University, India
  • Rafik Suleiman,  from Germany
  • Sekkal Babou Meryem, Saida University, Algeria
  • Safia Zivingi, Aleppo University, Syria
  • Ammar Mustafa Alzein, Counselor at UN in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Saadi Mohamed, Relizane University, Algeria
  • Limame Barbouchi, Agadir University, Morocco
  • Benaicha Amine, University of Algiers III, Algeria
  • Nadine Kahil, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon
  • Benbekhti Abdelhakim, Tlemcen University, Algeria
  • Ahmed Manea Hoshan, Basrah University, Iraq
  • Filali Férial, University of Algiers II, Algeria
  • Ouarniki Ouafa, Oran II University, Algeria
  • Samar Hassan El Bagori,Cairo University, Egypt
  • Hamdani Yamina, Tlemcen University, Algeria
  • Berrehal Zoheir Nabil, Relizane University, Algeria

 Publishing Rules

  • Research paper should be written in English as it is necessary to consider the clarity and integrity of the text and avoid grammatical, spelling and linguistic errors
  • Journal of Afro-Asian A Periodical International Journal published by the “Arab Democratic Center” Germany – Berlin accepts papers which deals with Afro-Asian strategic, political and economic studies only
  • The research paper should not include less than 4000 words and should not exceed 8000 words
  • The research paper and studied topics should be characterized by objectivity, novelty and scientific accuracy, as they should not be taken from a previous study, article, or graduation document or book
  • Papers should not be published previously or subsequently in any form
  • The researchers have to adopt the scientific standards recognized in the preparation of research and studies, and references should appear at the end of each page not at the end of the article and  marginalization as follows
  • For Books: Full Name of Author, Book’s Title, Volume/issue, Place of Publication: Publishing House, Edition, Publishing Year, Page
  • For articles: full name of the author, “title of the article”, journal title, place of publication, issue, date of publication, page
  • For web sites: full name of author, “title of article”, article link, date of publication, date of access to the site
  • The researcher should send a brief biography with the article
  • Research Paper should be sent in the form of a Microsoft word to the following email:

  • The researcher should sign a pledge that the article has not been published in any form hard copy or electronically, and not be submitted for publication to any other party (the pledge form will be sent by the editor to the researcher by the e-mail of the journal).
  • The researcher will be informed of the initial acceptance of the research or rejection.
  • The journal selects arbitrators to read and review confidentially the articles and researches received in the journal. The arbitration remarks will be sent to the researcher. If the article is accepted for publication but needs some modifications, thus the writer should make the required modifications within ten days of being notified of the decision of the committee.
  • The received articles will not be returned back to their authors either published or not.
  • The journal may make some necessary modifications to the material submitted for publication without changing its contents.
  • The materials published in the journal reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the journal.
  • Any breach of the rules of the scientific research will be borne by the author of the article.
  • Any research or article that does not meet the conditions will not be taken into consideration and will not be published regardless of its scientific value.
  • The articles sent to the Journal of Afro-Asian Studies require the following specifications:
  • Page margins should be as follows: Top 02, Bottom 02, Right 02, Left 02, Header Sheet 5, Bottom Sheet 1.5
  • Title of the article: font: Times New Roman, Size: 16
  • Full name of researcher: (font style: Times New Roman ont size: 13)
  • Degree of researcher (font style: Times New Roman size: 13)
  • Foundation of full affiliation and country (font style: Times New Roman size: 13)
  • E-mail of the researcher (font style: Times New Roman font size: 12)
  • Abstract: The abstract should not exceed 200 words and not less than 150 words (Font: Times New Roman size: 13, italics).
  • Key words: (Between 05 and 08 words, Font: Times New Roman, Size: 13, Italics)
  • The Introduction should include the following components: Introducing the topic, research questions, hypothesis or hypotheses, the importance of the study, the objectives of the study, the literature of the study (previous studies), the study curricula, the study axes. (Font style: Times New Roman size: 13 between lines: 1.5).
  • For content: (font style: Times New Roman size: 13, between lines: 1.5)
  • Principal Headline 1: (font style: Times New Roman size: 16, between lines: 1.5)
  • First subtitle: (font style: Times New Roman size: 14, between lines: 1.5)
  • Second subtitle: (font style: Times New Roman size: 14, between lines: 1.5)
  • Principal Headline 2: (font style: Times New Roman size: 16, between lines: 1.5)
  • First subtitle: (font style: Times New Roman size: 14, between lines: 1.5)
  • Second subtitle: (font style: Times New Roman size: 14, between lines: 1.5)
  • Conclusion: findings and recommendations: (font style: Times New Roman size: 13, between lines: 1.5)
  • List of sources and references: (font style: Times New Roman size: 13, between lines: 1.5)
  • For Times New Roman size: marginalization and referrals: at the end of pages and not in the latest article, font style size: 12, between lines: 1.0

Democratic Arabic Center in Berlin – Germany

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